Will Wasiu Kickstart Montreal’s Engine

Coming straight out of Montreal, Wasiu is here with his debut EP MTLiens.

Debuting his first single Physical, produced by Kaytranada last February, Wasiu has been non-stop with the releases ever since, with tracks such as: Picture Imperfect, I Know, I Got It and Good Girl, a track sampled from The Internet’s Girl, which was also produced by Kaytranada.

Six months later and the 24-year-old brings you his debut EP. “An homage to Outkast’s ‘ATLiens’ album.” Wasiu tells me. “Back in ’95 at The Source Awards – where the East Coast-West Coast rivalry was heating up – in the middle of that, Outkast won the best new group award. The crowd booed them, and Andre 3000 said ‘The South got something to say’! A year later, they dropped ‘ATLiens’ and it sold a lot of records. Furthermore, critics were impressed by their skill and narratives. This was the album that started Atlanta’s engine. Today, Atlanta runs Hip Hop.”

Wasiu takes a quick pause then enlightens us some more: “What ATLiens did for Atlanta, I want MTLiens to do for Montreal. The same way how Atlanta was outcasted and not included in the conversation in Hip Hop, is the same way Montreal is now. We have so many popping artists, but nobody outside of Montreal realises that we have a scene here. Nobody’s connecting the dots between the artists that are popping from here, that they’re from here”.

Starting with Outer Space (produced by Noah Barer, Cavewek & QRG), a track that Wasiu describes as the theme of MTLiens in a nutshell: “I’ve been alienated, so like Aliens, Montreal is invading into the Hip Hop world, aggressively. I have a loose story going on in the EP. Because it’s an EP, which is 24-minutes long, it’s not enough time to describe all of Montreal. ATLiens was 57-minutes long, so it was long enough for Big Boi and Andre to paint a vivid picture of Atlanta. So on my EP serves more of a table of contents and overview, an introduction to Montreal”.

The Montreal native has a lot more than an 8-track EP up his sleeve, admitting he’s been sitting on a lot of material ready for his biggest project that’s currently under construction: “I’ve been sitting on a lot of material, and while I’ve had a bunch of stuff in the vault already, I’m still always writing and recording. I’m always making music. I came out February of this year and have done what takes people 4 years to do, in just under 6 months. I’ve been dropping these tracks consistently, but these are really just a tease. My LP that I have stashed in the vault, and that’s almost complete, has my best material. All of my best material is being saved for my official album. That’s my life’s work in there, and it has to be a classic. I have to finish that, and then listen to: Illmatic, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Ready To Die and Enter The Wu-Tang and compare that album to those to see if it’s up to those standards. So that album will come out when it’s perfect”.

Not only is Wasiu important to Montreal’s Hip Hop scene, he’s important to the Hip Hop scene, period. With the work ethic, hunger and creativity he possesses, we already know the debut album is going to have a huge impact on the scene overall.

Listen to MTLiens below: