Wiz Khalifa Drops ‘Most Of Us’ Video From London Y’all

Currently on a U.K Arena tour with A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa dropped the video for ‘Most Of Us’ from London yesterday, straight off the leak on SoundCloud a day earlier.

Gearing up for a cold winter, Wiz Khalifa’s bringing in the season from the ‘City of Steel’ with another cold banger ‘Most of Us’ that has ID Labs on the beat. The track brings the spotlights back on the Taylor Gang crew, and the Pittsburgh team aren’t messing around – “Most of us, got alotta shit to get up off our chest, Most of us, still up in the filed right where niggas get killed, Most of us, know that shit can get real in that city of steel.”

Still no confirmed date for the release of ‘Rolling Papers 2: The Weed album’, but it’s another reason to raise the anti again since Wiz racked up over 7 millions plays on ‘King of Everything.’

Wiz hit the stage in London over the weekend on his double headline tour with A$AP Rocky and they head to Manchester tonight for their final U.K date.