WizKid & Drake Collab Single Is Coming Closer

After an incredible summer 16, which saw Wizkid featuring on Drake’s quadruple platinum global smash ‘One Dance’; catching over 1.1 BILLION Spotify Streams; 12 weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart and 15 consecutive weeks here in the UK – its that time again!

As well as winning ‘Artist of the Year’ at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2016 and a No.1 iTunes smash in Nigeria with ‘Daddy Yo’, looks like Summer ’17 is about to be even bigger for WizKid. If you’re wondering where a WizKid feature was on ‘More Life’ wonder no more, it’s looks like a spring special was in the works. WizKid has started teasing his forthcoming new track featuring Drake – ‘Come Closer’ for March 31.


Drake talked to DJ Semtex about ‘One Dance’ and his ‘Ojuelegba’ remix with Wizkid and Skepta in his world exclusive interview;

“I had the beat for a while, I was just trying to figure it all out, and at that time I had met Wizkid through Skepta, cos we did a remix of one of Wizkid’s songs together and it just kinda all really fell into place naturally. And when it was all said and done, it was one of those moments much like ‘Hotline Bling’, I just didn’t really know how people were gonna feel about it, and that was part of the reason why I dropped ‘Pop Style’ along with it, cos I was kinda almost nervous like man I don’t know, this is just so different, let me just make sure I drop a rap record, so people just know I’m still on my shit. And I remember Boi1da had walked into the studio one night and he had heard ‘One Dance’ and he just looked at me and he’s like “man that’s gonna be the biggest song of your career to date” and I was like “c’mon man it’s like, that’s a lot to say, we hope it does well”. And yeah he was right, and it was just the perfect marriage of a lot of things, so many thank you’s to Kyla for being so supportive, she came out to South Africa and shot a movie with us for this song, and you know of course Wizkid doing his thing, and yeah just the entire UK for supporting it and the world for being open to listening to it.”

Appearing live in London in Summer ’17, Wizkid will be hitting the stage at Wireless Festival on 9th July.