WOKE A New Super Group With Super Funk

Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces and Thundercat are musicians you may only dream would join together but now it’s happened and we’re checking out the reality of their new collaboration.

WOKE quite aptly titled, may be an obscure acronym or a group of guys who just WOKE up and had a revelation. Experimental, uninhibited and free form, “The Lavishments of Light Looking” isn’t attempting to blow our minds just yet, it’s a trippy journey across their musical soundscapes, constructed and then deconstructed. Minimalistic and stripped back at some breaks and then overlapping multiple layers in other parts – it’s all fused to smooth sonic satisfaction. George Clinton adds a vocal twist and the result is an experimental outing of hip-hop, electronic, funk and Jazz without any retro outfitting.

‘The Lavishments of Light Looking’ featuring George Clinton, by WOKE aka Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat has debuted as part of the Adult Swim singles series – no word yet about what else may come from WOKE, but it’s a debut worth our attention. Question is will it be on rotation?