Wolfie Drops Her Dreamy EP ‘8 Ball’

New music Friday’s needs to be a thing. Alongside all the dopeness released this past Friday, one of our favourite songbirds, Wolfie, shared her *free* EP entitled ‘8 Ball’, and it’s dope

Featuring her dreamy Star Wars dedication ‘Obi Wan‘ and her latest release ‘Outta Earth‘, ‘8 Ball’ is a full eight tracks, filled with pure Wolfie magic. With production from Show N Prove, Nana Rogues, Levi Lennox and ADP, the project is lined with wavy production.

It’s the songwriting though that makes ‘8 Ball’ even more standout, Wolfie is relatable and creates instances in her music where you remember when you were in a similar situation, from asking you to ‘keep it 100’ or the infectious synths on ‘Obi Wan’, ‘8 Ball’ really has something for everyone. Blending hazy R&B production, lined with synths and melodic harmonies from start to finish.

Wolfie has kept the releases consistent and now, with a solid body of work behind her, she’s only going to continue her accent into those intergalactic heights.

Stream and download ‘8 Ball’ in full below, and bask in Wolfie’s wave.