Wolfie Sparks Some Seeds

It’s a good time to be British, what can we say just the quality and range of artists coming from the U.K is worthy of all the attention that’s coming right now.

When we tell you that Wolfie will be one of the those rising stars from the U.K scene, there’s just no question about it. It’s still early days since her first track ‘I Be Ghost’ dropped on SoundCloud but in a matter of months Wolfie has generated the kind of interest that most new artists would be envious of.

There’s a solid stable of artists representing London’s boroughs now – we have Little Simz and Danny Seth coming through from North London; WSTRN well obviously from West; a whole range from East with BBK, J-Hus to Nao and in one year Stormzy has created a mega whirlwind through South London with Novelist representing for the endz and a whole stable of gully youts like 808Ink and Neverland Clan pushing ahead.

South London’s finest also now includes a new singer/songwriter to it’s ranks and Wolfie is something else entirely, just check out her earlier 3 tracks incase you need a little more of her vibes.

‘Seeds’ her new track is smoky and sensual, with an eerie yet alluring baseline that just works seamlessly. Growing up listening to artists such as The Specials, Bob Marley and The Jam, Wolfie belies her age with an intriguing essence. “Seeds is about being fully intoxicated by someone’s love and energy & all that their presence brings – so instead of the normal evening spliff you’d rather be induced with the high their love and company brings.”

The various musical nuances that she’s absorbed over time have created her fresh and unique sound, distinguishing her as one of the most exciting rising artists, and drawing inspiration from her Romani roots and spiritual ideologies, she’s got the depth to take it higher as she tells us “there is no greater high then being with the one you love, you know, there are some things that are better than kush, not many things but some.”

I’m reminded of Erykah Badu’s tweet yesterday when she wrote about “that underground magic force that sparks a seed to grow a tree.” Wolfie is one of those seeds.