Wolfie Takes Us Beyond And ‘Outta Earth’

Wolfie takes us to ‘Outta Earth’ with her new wave offering heading into yet another new dimension.

Many are wavey but few are as effortless as Wolfie. A flower child through and through, you can hear the pure appreciation of tranquillity filter through her music; from the smooth caress of her tone through to the ambient backdrop of ADP’s production.

Wolfie’s music always is a lovely example of merging textures. Ethereal vocal melodies float in the background of the track whilst rolling bass gives the song a mellow bounce. And she switches her flow throughout the song, from sweetly sailing harmonies through to more punchy cadences, keeping the tune dynamic but all the while maintaining a polished marble feel, but way warmer!

There’s plenty more to come from this lady so be sure to stay locked for more releases. And for now, get something that’ll help you fly and go to ‘Outta Earth’ with Wolfie.