WSTRN Are Getting In2 A New Zone

WSTRN are riding high after signing their major label deal off the back of their hit ‘IN2’ but keeping the streets on blast is still high priority and since it’s slime season they’ve taken a Thugger cut, ‘Best Friend’, and given it a rework.

Before the deal, we previewed the track IN2 over the summer with Akelle Charles, Louis and Rei and now it’s readying up for a U.K commercial release with a new video to drop soon. IN2 has also had it’s own remix treatment with guest features from Wretch, Chip and Geko laying down some extra verses on the track.

Akelle, Haile and Louis Rei are now collectively known as WSTRN and the West London crew are representing for a different end of UK street sounds. “In2 came about from one evening session earlier this year. We just all jammed together vocally and as artists so we knew this was something out of the ordinary. It was about remaining authentic and true to our roots but creating a fresh new sound” says Akelle.

While we wait for the new remixed and recut video for IN2, check out the new video for ‘Best Friend’ Ft. Youngs Teflon and get familiar with WSTRN (Haile, Louis Rei, Akelle Charles)  – they plan to be around for a while.