Yasiin Bey & Ferrari Sheppard ‘Dec 99th’ Is What You Need

While some of ya’ll are still fronting on Tidal, how long do you really think you’ll be able to hold out. The push and pull of good music looks to continue testing some split loyalties. Tidal won this one for us with a year end that delivered the final essential release of the year from Yasiin Bey and his collaboration project with producer Ferrari Sheppard as ‘Dec 99th’.

This is what you need, ‘December 99th’ arrives exclusively on Tidal Music streaming for subscribed members only with the exception of one track ‘Blade in the Pocket’. Slated as the first of three proposed final records from Yasiin Bey formerly known as Mos Def, the project is a 10 track project running at a close 99 BPM.

Yasiin Bey’s collaborative project with Sheppard arrives ahead of a rumoured project with Mannie Fresh, ‘As Promised’, and another possible album titled ‘Negus In Natural Person’. Making his final live appearances in the US starting with 2 nights at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre in NYC, each live show features unique performances from each album including ‘The New Danger’, ‘True Magic’, ‘The Ecstatic’, ‘Black on Both Sides’, and the new project. Speaking in interludes between tracks, Yasiin Bey kept it strictly 100 – “You can’t be everything to everybody. But you better be real to yourself.”

Yasiin Bey’s final bow and retirement from music and acting will precede his return to Africa to focus on his arts, culture, and lifestyle collective A Country Called Earth (ACCE).

‘December 99th’ includes the previously released tracks ‘Local Time’, ‘NAW’, and ‘Seaside Panic Room’ and runs just over a tight 30 minutes.