Journey With ‘Yenkyi Taxi’ To Explore Ghana’s Music Scene

The Crudo Volta production house returns, with writer and director Mikael “Michele” Calandra Achode at the helm of the ‘taxi’ once more taking viewers on another journey through modern Africa and its music. In the first edition, the ‘Woza Taxi‘, explored South Africa’s bright Gqom movement and its influence on South African pop culture; this time around we jump into the ‘Yenkyi Taxi’ as British-Ghanaian producer Hagan examines the impact of Ghana’s urban music scene on European club culture.

Capturing the human element of percussion in his sound, Hagan’s journey in the ‘Yenkyi Taxi’ is one that is all about, firstly understanding, and secondly reconnecting with his West African heritage and the rich history of music and rhythm. Taking in the stories of elders, the energy of a people and the passion of music makers across the country, Hagan is able to fuse these differing perspectives into his contemporary sound. Visiting three areas in Ghana, Kwabenya, East Legon and Aburi, Hagan travels with Crudo Volta uncovering the beating heart of percussive tradition and fusing this into his own forthcoming EP.

Few documentaries capture the spirit in real time, this film – take you right to the heart of where it’s happening right now.