YG & Nipsey Hussle Link Up & Lock It In On ‘FDT’ Video

Every time we watch on and think Trumps U.S primary election campaign for the Republican candidate couldn’t get any nastier, minute by minute the global embarrassment of his hate speech just keeps racking up to new levels.

While the world media continues to offer up free and unfettered coverage to the racist presidential ‘hopeless’ in the battle for clicks and bait, it’s also created an audience for every minutae of ignorance spewed from his appearances on this campaign trail. Ahead of Trumps campaign assault for the primaries in California, YG and Nipsey Hussle have dropped a much needed image of unity with their video for ‘FDT’.

As the video shoot went ahead a few weeks back, the heavy police presence threatened to shut down filming but luckily the final cut is here and you can check it out above.

Black love, brown pride – all cut against the black and white footage from the street demo for the video, while Nipsey and YG link the Bloods and Crips colours in red and blue highlights.

Nipsey and YG, are just adding to a growing campaign of descent against DT as one by one rappers are raising their voice in the political arena and giving their open opinions about this hate candidate. With Everest issuing a cease and desist on DT’s campaign playing ‘Jump Around’ during their events calling him a “racist lying dipshit of a candidate” – we couldn’t agree more!

The alarming reception of Trump across the U.S has opened a chasm in the growing disparity between the hate politics of the right and the rising inequality across the country that’s polarised opinion about the distraction at play with the billionaire classes double standards. Either way this is the a moment of reckoning in American politics and YG & Nipsey’s message goes straight to the heart of the matter;

As young people with an interest in the future of America… we have to exercise our intelligence and choose who leads us into it wisely. 2016 will be a turning point in this country’s history… the question is… in which direction will we go?

The last 8 years represented an upward evolution in Western political principles and the collective vibration of America as a whole..We saw more inclusive/diplomatic foreign policy.. we saw prison reform actually bring home family members and neighbours of ours… we saw healthcare become a civil service.. and we saw morally unjust conflicts with other countries resolved.

Our opinion is that in the age of technological empowered & nuclear armed planet… separation is the enemy. The next leader of America will be a most pivotal president for these reasons… register asap and choose wisely.