You Ain’t Gotta Make ‘Breakfast’ For Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor crept up on us like a thief in the night but instead left us with gifts of abundant substance and richness in his music, quietly weaving his way onto our airwaves with his new EP ‘Better Days’.

The London-based singer-songwriter’s new cut ‘Breakfast’ also released today, is funk rippled in the heartbeat of falsetto thick bass drums, eclectic piano intervals and sueges of soul and relentless flashes of guitars and sweet R’N’B flavours.

‘Breakfast’ being the most important meal of the day, Aaron in this instance tells you to get up and make him breakfast in the most side eyes worthy way. However he switches it up and floats with melodies swimming in tight harmonies that pulsate through your eardrums and make you wanna do the groove like James Brown in front of your bathroom whilst brushing your teeth.

Aaron’s funk-driven vocals rise above the perfectly arranged splurges of horns and magnetic instruments that parade around as though they are free and restless. The ‘Better Days EP’ has us feeling singles like ‘Help’ in a way that’s wrong that it’s so right and we can’t help but feel reminiscent in every way of those bluesy neo-soul vibes of D’Angelo’s first outing on ‘Brown Sugar’.

Speaking about his debut, Aaron says it “was written from a place of frustration. Since then I can say I’ve seen better days: I saw my music do better for me than it ever has; I’ve had doors open – doors that I had been knocking on for a while…However, there still remains a level of dissatisfaction. I am relatively easily satisfied but the truth is I want, if not need, better days: I want to be a better man, friend and human. I want to smile more; I’d like more reasons to be happy both from winch and externally. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. I truly am grateful for the better days I’ve experienced. However it is hard to feel like these are the best of times when people in Flint are living with poisoned water. Refugees are left unwelcome and told to go back to their war-torn homes. Injustices in legal systems are rife. The economic disparity between races is still an uncrossable gulf. Racism is an ugly stain on humanity and yet we seem unwilling to change our clothes. Not the best of times.”

Aaron’s servings are perfect for quiet Sunday mornings or the get down on Friday nights. Breakfast sets the tone and it doesn’t disappoint, listen to ‘The Better Days EP’ below;