You Gotta Listen When Frank Gamble’s ‘Heart Speaks’

We know it’s been all about that other Frank but after a whirlwind of a weekend it’s time to take a detour to the other reclusive duo otherwise known as Frank Gamble. While the identity of the two remains under wraps, musically these friends are stepping up their game with a larger than life new single ‘Heart Speaks’.

Frank Gamble remain in cahoots about their secret identity while riding off the double meaning in their moniker – Honest Ambiguity. True Lies. One thing we’ve learnt are the origins of their strange name – Frank Gamble as it turns out emerged when the duo entered a lucky dip auction to obtain a record from J Dilla’s personal collection, at the time held by the late producer’s mother, and instead ended up with a record by Australian jazz guitarist Frank Gambale. One mispronunciation later, and our own autocorrect proves the easy misspelling, Frank Gamble was born.

‘Heart Speaks’ reaches down into those buried emotions that live on through doubts and dreams, existing inevitably when destinies collide. ‘Heart Speaks’ demands attention to the present even when “you’re still obsessed with our future, you’re still living in the past”. Both self-written and self-produced by the duo themselves, it’s a rousing track that posits a dance energy against the soulful beat in their lyrics, speaking in complete unison from the heart. If it turns out these two aren’t more than just friends, all we gotta say is we can hear when your ‘Heart Speaks’ – so get it together!