Youngs Teflon Drops Page 1, ‘Crack’ from the ‘Tracksuit Diaries’

I love a good ol’ road rap tune and when you’re talking about an artist like Youngs Teflon, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The boy king has been consistently releasing good music for a long time. Not only songs, but entire projects with videos to match. The latest single ‘Crack’ will be on his upcoming project — ’Tracksuit Diaries’.

Using his poetry to paint a picture of life on the streets, Youngs Teflon chose a flow which he keeps throughout the haunting slow moving bass heavy beat. It gains your attention with a statement and then proceeds to elaborate with lyrics that tell a story of the roads. The good and the bad with the thoughts of a man on the block living cautiously due to his surroundings. His bars show how he moves in these treacherous times filled with ops and dangerous situations.

I pray on a rug. I still keep a ripper in my boxers but if it ain’t hate then it’s love

Tef is known for telling the whole story. If there’s a bar about making money on the roads, there’s also a bar about the consequences that may follow if one chooses to take that route. Never one to dress up the streets and package it as something to strive for. His lyrics tell stories about losing friends and having to live a life looking over your shoulder – ‘Lil Nicky Pt.2’ from his album ‘Renaissance’ is one such example. No doubt, Young Teflon’s new project will have many cautionary stories for us to indulge in.