Zac Jone$ Brings The Sound While ‘Ridin’ Thru King$ton’

Meet Zac Jone$, at 19 years old, the Jamaican by way of LA rapper is bringing a perfect blend of Jamaican hip-hop on his six track project ‘Ridin’ Thru King$ton’.

The influence of Jamaican sounds and language style is happening in a lot of the hip-hop, trap, grime and R&B music, and you can’t ignore it. With Toronto’s Drake directly channelling patois in his music, and UK Grime MC’s lining their lyrics with sprinkles of patois, it was only a matter of time before we got some direct sounds from the Caribbean. Kingston bred, LA based Zac Jone$ perfectly fuses patois and Caribbean slang, alongside hazy LA funk beats and boom-bap that will have you two stepping from start to finish.

With his first single, ‘Ridin’ Thru’, released in January, capturing the “constant and wild nightlife” of his native Jamaica, Zac Jone$ offers a more authentic insight into Caribbean life. Produced by GamerBoomin, his first single, ‘Ridin’ Thru’ was fuelled by trap beats with touches of that ‘Yaard Rap’ Zac Jone$ is spearheading.

‘Ridin’ Thru King$ton’ as a whole, is a very smooth and wavey project, Zac Jone$ is essentially a storyteller, giving his listeners a slice of his life that harks back to the old days of West Coast rap, yet has a very modern and very Caribbean sound. Dropping it just in time for the summer, this is one you’ll need to play loud from start to finish.