Zayn Malik Debuts With Pillow Talk

Sometimes there are some times when you just don’t want the British government to be getting all up in your business, but when it comes to Britain’s creative business they can’t help but being all up in it. With lots of stats being banded about, the BPI and Brit Awards CEO Geoff Taylor has taken his turn to boast – “Britain’s music industry is a world leader in terms of exports – 1 in 7 albums bought worldwide is by a British artist.”

If one things for sure today, Zayn Malik’s debut will be one of the big exports catapulting on the world stage with an R&B record that could just take the attention off of some U.S exports. Ask us to name one track from the One Direction catalogue and you won’t have us reaching for the Pop Mastermind trophy but maybe thankfully that’s allowed us to be unbiased about the fact that ‘PillowTalk’ has all the makings of a hit record.

The video adds spice to the ‘rumoured’ relationship between Zayn and Gigi and will have the fashion world equally enamoured with Zayn as the music scene. ‘Pillowtalk’ is the first taste of Malik’s debut solo album, ‘Mind of Mine. Check out the video interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 for the lowdown on what’s next exclusively premiering later today;