ZelooperZ Rips Into ‘I Should Be Dead’

Running that lyric through the head on repeat again and again ‘I should be dead, I should be dead, I should be dead, I should be dead’ should come with a warning cos it rips so hard you may be “walking like dead”.

The Detroit’s Bruiser Brigade rapper ZelooperZ, grips you like you’re listening to someone scratching on a blackboard with a horror core shriek while simultaneously pumping fresh blood through the veins. It’s so addictive you may even want a repeat dose till you’re “sick in the head”, as it pounds with production from Bulletproof Dolphin.

Kicking off the year charging ahead with news of his album and dropping his new single “ISBD (I Should Be Dead)”, the energy’s just been amped up with a fresh fuse from the RUFFMERY directed video which you can check out here.

ZelooperZ’s new album ‘Bothic’ is due out on February 19.